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Friends on a mission creating global awareness of the challenges disadvantaged children face every day one country at a time. The James Carlo Foundation creates campaigns around the World that contribute to children living happy healthy lives.


James Carlo Foundation is all about legacy, the power generated for these children that goes on and on forever.

Hiking my way to Machu Picchu in Cuzco, Ausangate I encountered many children with limited clothing, basic health necessities and no blood circulation to certain parts of their bodies. It amazed me that these children still managed to have a happy and sincere outlook on life, despite all the adversities these children were up against.

I was sitting in my tent that night and looking amongst the Milky Way and its beautiful stars; I had a calling to help all the children I encountered along my way.

Following morning I communicated with David Herrera (Travel Guide) and asked him what is the most common problem that children face here in Peru. He explained sadly “1-50 children die in Peru every month due to hypothermia, because of the cold conditions”

Then and there I decided to create global awareness of hypothermia as a way to design and fulfill a brighter future for these children.

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These children don’t have access to a lot of things these include toothbrushes to brush their own teath nor warm clothes to deal with global warming changes.
Speaking to the locals and my guide Andean Path Travel it’s a common problem that children early at the age 3/4 to 9/10 die of hypothermia, this does not include adults. Which is nearly 40/50 people a month.
A heartfelt moment came across me when I saw how these Peruvian children live everyday so I’ve decided to provide clothing for 900+ children across seven schools here in Ausangate, Cusco to stop children from dying.

Project #1 ~ Clothing

900 Jackets For Children To Prevent Hypothermia

Project #2 ~ shelter

Details Coming Soon

Project #3 ~ Farming

Details Coming Soon

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100,000 Jacket Target

Started our first campaign in 2020!

158 jackets are in the process of being made for the whole school at Lauramarca, Ausangate. From prep to grade 6 all the children will be provided durable jackets with warmth to decrease the death rate in hypothermia.

We are all powerful beings and together we have the ability to help others create long lasting change.

There is no better time than now, so please take a look into these images provided and donate. They need our help more than you can visualise.


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